Our Services

College & career Readiness Curriculum

We offer a 14 week college and career readiness program. 1 session is held per week and each session is 1 hour.
Our creative curriculum is designed to build character, create a strong desire for learning and give youth an early start to help prepare them for a bright future.

Based upon the Illinois report card, only 46% of students in Illinois graduated high school last year ready for college coursework and according to the National career readiness certificate program only 1% of the students in the state of Illinois have the foundational skills ready for the workplace.

Our Programs:

Sample of weekly session topics for high school students include:

Week 1: one-on-one assessment (initial meeting to set goals and create a student road map)
Week 2: Goal setting, executive functioning & character building activities
Week 3: Building your college profile
Week 4: College application process
Week 5: What to look for while choosing a college
Week 6: Fafsa workshop & scholarship search (facilitated by Ladder-Up)
Week 7: Recommendation letters, resumes and personal statements (effective communication)
Week 8: How to study and prepare for tests (Strategies for college success)
Week 9: How to transition from high school to college and/or trade schools
Week 10: How to network and market yourself (effective networking techniques)
Week 11: College fair visitation (the students will visit a local college fair)
Week 12: Professionalism in the workplace (How to dress for success/mock Interviews)
Week 13: Career fair visitation (the students will visit a local career fair)
Week 14: Financial literacy workshop & pizza party!

Studies show that early preparation promotes a higher education! Students that attend at least 10 sessions of our program will become more focused and ready to move further in their college and career! Students that complete 10 sessions or more will receive a certificate of completion.

Our Services:
– We offer personalized 1:1 and group college and career counseling
– We complete 1:1 college and reading assessments with our students
– We provide supportive services to our students and parents
– We establish positive healthy mentoring relationships with our youth
– We help our students create a college and career road map